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Pork Leg


A classic, fairly lean roasting cut which will want careful cooking. A boneless leg speeds up the cooking and avoids drying out. The skin is best when left in tact and scored for crackling.

Our pork is from free range, high welfare pigs, fed on a natural diet. Read more about our producers here.

Pictured, Boneless Pork Leg


Available for delivery:

Tuesday to Saturday

Cooking Instructions

Take your meat out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before cooking - the bigger the cut the more time it needs to come to room temperature. Remember, meat is a muscle and needs to relax before it is cooked and after!

COOKING SUGGESTION - Place into a lidded pot with a glass of wine, water or cider, some stock, vegetables and a couple of bay leaves. Put the lid on the pot, and roast in the oven at 150C for 3 hours.

SERVING SIZE BONELESS - approx. 250g per person.

Storage Advice

Please remove all paper wrapping from your meat and place it on a plate in the fridge away from cooked items. This allows air to circulate around it properly, helping to prolong shelf life.

Shelf life: 2-3 days. On arrival please see the labels for use by dates.

Vacuum-packed meat can be put straight in the fridge and has a longer shelf life.

Read more about how to store your meat here.