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Pomonte Olive Oil


Essential to any well-stocked larder, full of character, Olio Pomonte single-estate olive oil is ideal as a finishing oil. Pressed primarily from green, early harvest olives, Olio Pomonte is an aromatic and robust oil. Initial grassy, herbaceous and bitter notes, are followed by a piquant and peppery sensation in the back of the throat.

Perfect for use as the final seasoning over salads, steamed vegetables, and red-meat, or simply drizzled over Italian bread.



More Details


The olives are crushed into a paste to release the oil from the flesh cells then mixed to allow small oil droplets to combine into bigger ones. The mixture is cold-pressed at < 27°C by centrifugation, separating the oil from the water and solid paste. The oil is unfiltered to retain all the polyphenols and nutrients within.


Suzannah's family bought a rustic stone barn surrounded by 10 hectares of olive grove in the early 2000’s. After nearly 20 years in the family, it seemed a shame that so many olives would go to waste each year as there were too many to pick alone as a family – even when neighbours would join-in! Locally, it’s common for friends and family to come together for picking and everyone takes back some olive oil to keep for the rest of the year. Since 2018, Olio Pomonte has been working with the local cooperative press (Frantoio) to press their olives, bottled and labelled ready for Ginger Pig customers to enjoy!

Storage Advice

Keep in a cool place away from light and heat sources. A light sediment on the bottom is an indication of authenticity and does not alter the characteristics of the product. To experience the unique grassy and peppery flavours, consume within 3 months of opening.