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Lamb Neck Fillet

This cut runs along the top of the shoulders. The small, marbled fillet is full of flavour and very versatile. It can be roasted, fried or casseroled. Works well with light, fresh, herby flavours.

Available for delivery:

Tuesday to Saturday

Cooking Instructions

Lamb neck fillet can be roasted, fried or casseroled and works with light fresh herby flavours.

Try making a light spring stew with new season spring vegetables, lemon and thyme. If using peas and asparagus add them for the final 5-10 minutes of cooking to keep them bright with a bit of crunch.

Tips for stewing: Keep the meat in fairly big chunks, around 5cm (2in) cubes. This helps retain succulence. Start by browning the meat quickly at a high temperature in a little oil. This will help the meat develop a crust while keeping the inside pink. The crust is key to flavouring the dish. Add some vegetables - an onion or two, always - some herbs, a little stock and seasoning if required. Whether on the hob or in the oven, cook slowy (a good rule of thumb, is 2 hours) at a very low temperature (oven 140°C) until tender.

Storage Advice

Although we prefer meat wrapped in butcher's paper, we decided to vacuum pack our nationwide deliveries in order to help prolong shelf life and reduce leakages in transit. Refrigerate as soon as your order arrives. Please see the labels for use by dates.