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Ginger Pig 100-day Chickens - FRIDAY & SATURDAY DELIVERY ONLY

Please note this item is only available for Friday & Saturday


We source these chickens (cockerels & pullets) from the Botterills in Leicestershire, as they're one of the only traditional producers of poultry left in the UK. Reared to 100 days at least, the chickens are dry-plucked & hung guts in. Read more here.


Available for delivery:

Friday & Saturday

Cooking Instructions

Take your chicken out of the fridge an hour before cooking - the bigger the bird the more time it needs to come to room temperature.

The average 100 day chicken will weigh around 2.8 to 3.2 kg, check the giblets are not tucked inside the body cavity, and then place the bird in a roasting tin, breast-side up. If you have the time, lay a few rashers of streaky bacon over the breast, and then a loose-fitting piece of foil over the top and just covering the legs. This will stay in place for about an hour and will just stop the breast and thighs from drying out.

Pre-heat the oven to 180 (less if it is a fan oven), top right of the AGA. Pop the chicken in and leave at that temperature for 30 minutes, then reduce down to 160 for the next 90 minutes. Halfway through the cooking time – ie one hour – remove the foil to allow the skin to become golden and crispy, the extra maturity of the bird, together with the sun on its back, and the little bit of fat which is under the skin, guarantees the old-fashioned crispy finish.

To check the chicken is ready, gently pull the thigh away from the body and if it “gives” all is well. If not, give it another 10 minutes uncovered.

Take the bird out of the tin, sit it on a warm plate, whilst you make some proper chicken gravy.

Storage Advice

Please remove all wrapping and place your bird on a plate on the bottom shelf of your fridge away from cooked items so that air can circulate properly.