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Short Ribs

Taken from the chuck area of the ribs, this is some of the most flavourful meat on the animal, with lots of fat marbling. Too small to be cut as steaks, these juicy nuggets of meat are left on the bone as a rack.

Available for delivery:

Tuesday to Saturday

Cooking Instructions

Braise for tasty big ribs or to shred and turn into a ragu.

Take your meat out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before cooking - the bigger the cut the more time it needs to come to room temperature. Remember, meat is a muscle and needs to relax before it is cooked.

Storage Advice

Although we prefer meat wrapped in butcher's paper, we decided to vacuum pack our nationwide deliveries in order to help prolong shelf life and reduce leakages in transit. Refrigerate as soon as your order arrives. Please see the labels for use by dates.