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Back Bacon


We cure our bacon the traditional way, using the same high welfare pork we sell in our counters. We dry cure it with a hand mixed recipe of a little brown sugar (a natural preservative) and a small amount of curing salt, hang it for a number of weeks before either smoking it or drying it further.
Short back bacon is taken from the rear of the back with a large eye of meat and layer of fat just under the rind, which we leave on, the old fashioned way. Don't be afraid to cook your bacon with the fat on as this is where the flavour is. You can always trim it off afterwards. There's nothing quite like a proper crispy sandwich in squishy white bread. The ultimate treat.



Available for delivery:

Tuesday to Saturday

Cooking Instructions

Keeping some bacon on hand is never a bad idea for adding extra flavour to a dish or a breakfast emergency.

Storage Advice

Although we prefer meat wrapped in butcher's paper, we decided to vacuum pack our nationwide deliveries in order to help prolong shelf life and reduce leakages in transit. Refrigerate as soon as your order arrives. Please see the labels for use by dates.