The Ginger Pig story began in Nottinghamshire over 25 years ago, with a near-derelict smallholding and three Tamworth pigs. We now farm our own pasture and North Yorkshire Moorland. Along with a network of like-minded farmers, we supply our shops, home delivery service and wholesale customers with the best meat being produced in the UK.

Whether that be from our own Longhorn cattle, our Tamworth and Berkshire pigs, or hand-selected from our British farming partners, we believe each cut, chop and steak to be of the highest quality found in Britain today.

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Whilst the formula of fantastic meat starts in the field, there are many elements that affect quality that lie in the hands of our butchery team. This ranges from the cold store manager, responsible for hanging and rotating the meat, to the skilled butchers putting the finishing touches to every pork chop and Sunday roast.

We dry-age all of our beef in-house to a minimum of 28 days. A selection of primals with a good coverage of fat are chosen to be aged for longer, producing steaks and roasting joints to cater for every palate.

All our sausages and burgers are made by hand by our skilled butchery team, who manage everything from mincing and mixing to curing and cold-smoking. Our sausages are filled into natural casings and made using the same highest quality meat that we sell over the counter and online. Our bacon and gammons are cured either by hand-salting or using a traditional brine.

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What began almost by chance - a way of putting unsold meat to good use - has become a hugely popular part of our business. Our generous sausage rolls now have their own cult following, topping 'must eat' lists and forming daily lunchtime queues outside our shops. Equally, the roast lunch box offering we have in a number of our shops has become an institution.

Our expert bakers and cooks, work to create a huge variety of pastries, cooked meats and prepared dishes for our deli counters. We make our own pastrami and pressed tongue, pâtés and countless pies. We also stock an extensive range of our own homemade chutneys, pickles and sauces.

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