Our Classes

A fabulous gift experience for those who would like a hands-on lesson in meat and traditional butchery skills. This is an opportunity for our guests to try their hand at light butchery and learn more about where their meat comes from, pick up a new skill and get the most from each cut. We can promise a fun and relaxed evening hosted by some of our most experienced and charming butchers. Plus, there’s a two course informal meal at the end and you get to take the substantial joint you have prepped or plentiful sausages you have made to feast on at home. Scroll down for more information on our classes.

Classes run Monday - Saturday 7-10.30pm, and Sundays 4-7.30pm at Moxon Street, and at Borough Market on Wednesday to Friday 6.30-10pm, and Saturdays 4-7.30pm. Please see our bookings calendar for accurate availability. Buy a voucher online or in any of our eight shops.

Valentine’s Day Beef Wellington Masterclass

Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th February


Spend an evening with us creating a delicious masterpiece to cook at home for your beloved, (be that a husband, wife, father, friend, sister or dog). Better yet, book this as your date night and do it together (no dogs please). During an in-depth beef butchery demonstration, you will learn where the fillet comes from on the animal, as our skilled butchers break down a roasting into the different cuts. They will then teach you how to deftly trim your piece of fillet so there is no waste, prepare a proper mushroom duxelles, seal the beef perfectly and assemble your Wellington to cook at home. You will then enjoy an informal dinner of Beef Wellington, dauphinoise potatoes and seasonal vegetables, washed down with Chateau Puynard Bordeaux from Bottle Apostle. There’s also pudding if you can fit it in! A great night out for those sharing love and food.

Book Now - 020 3869 7804

For corporate or group bookings, please call 0203 869 7804. We can accommodate  12-16 in Moxon Street and 10-12 people in Borough Market. Unfortunately we can't book out a class exclusively for less than the aforementioned numbers.

Please note - we release butchery class dates one month in advance (eg, August's dates will be released in late June). If you cannot see the date you want in the future, email us, or check back with us in a few weeks.