Spring Lamb

Although Easter is early this year, we have a good supply of our own Dorset Lambs which were born at Grange Farm at the beginning of December.
This early season Lamb is pale and tender with a very delicate flavour. The legs and loins are great to serve slightly pink if that is how you like your lamb, but the shoulders will still need quite a long slow cook to be perfect.
For those customers who prefer their lamb with a deeper flavour we have our Blackface Sheep which have been grazing on the moor for nearly a year. These older Lambs known as Hogget’s suit recipes where a lot of garlic or rosemary is used, these herbs can be too strong for the early Spring Lamb.
Poultry is also very traditional at Easter and although we sold all our Turkey’s and Geese at Christmas, we shall have some large free range Chickens and plenty of Ducks.
If you would like to reserve lamb or poultry, or indeed beef please give any of our shops or Amy at the Farm a call.