Farm Diary October

October has brought with it the colourful change of leaves on the trees signalling Autumn; this amazing contrast of reds, browns and yellows is a breath taking sight across the valleys near the farm.


When we think of autumn we think of Bonfire night and with Bonfire night comes Toffee Apples. However, we have taken the toffee apple concept and given it a meaty twist – introducing our Toffee Apple sausages: pork belly and shoulder, apple, caramelised onion, black treacle and a pinch of cinnamon. Up at the farm we are all going crazy for them; as soon as they come out of the Aga they are demolished. As they went down a storm up here, we decided to make some more and send them down to the shops – get yours while you can, they won’t be around for much longer.

At this time of year the game shooting season is officially in full swing, with the pheasant season starting on the 2nd. Many of the local shoots will now be bagging braces of pheasants and partridges. Each of the birds shot will either be taken home by the deserving ‘guns’ (collective term for the men/ women who shoot them), or by the hard working ‘beaters’ (team of people who drive the birds out of the cover and over the valley towards the ‘guns’). The birds that are not given away to those involved in the shoot, are then either sold to the local game dealer or butcher. If you fancy trying a recipe a bit different from your usual roast pheasant, look in our Meat Book on page 151 for delicious inspiration.

Autumn Valley

It’s not just the leaves that have been turning recently, even though the majority of October has been mild, the temperature has suddenly plummeted. We are just hoping that the forecasted snow will hold off as the winters up here are long enough without the extended snow…