Fakeaways – Part Three

Sausage and Egg HkMuffin


Don’t get this confused with a similarly named (but far inferior) breakfast snack available on the highstreet! Those who have tasted the HkMuffin at Hawksmoor Guildhall know all too well the delicious oozing of the egg, the warm gooey melted cheese and the perfectly seasoned sausage meat all sandwiched between a lightly toasted English muffin – those other puny muffins don’t stand a chance.

We managed to wrestle the coveted recipe from the Hawksmoor team for you all to try at home. Thankfully, unlike some breakfast recipes that assume you have an hour to kill each morning before heading to work or ferrying children to school, this recipe is super simple and doesn’t take any time at all. Plus you can make the sausage patties in advance and leave them overnight in the fridge, leaving you more time to worry about where you left your keys and scold yourself for hitting the snooze button ‘one last time’.

Makes 2

300g Ginger Pig sausage meat (approx. 3 x Ginger Pig traditional sausages with casings removed)

A little vegetable oil for frying

2 large thin slices of Ogleshield cheese

2 or 4 fresh free-range eggs

Unsalted butter for frying the eggs

2 English muffins


Using lightly floured hands divide the sausage meat mixture into balls of about 150g and shape into flat patties about 12cm in diameter.

Chill in the fridge until required.

Once they’re firm, grill or fry the patties on both sides, top with cheese and grill until it melts.

Gently fry the eggs in butter, two to a small pan, and lightly season.

Split and toast the muffins on both sides. Place the cheese topped sausage patties and the fried egg or eggs on one half, then top with the other.