Barbeque tips

Summer is finally here, bringing with it perfect BBQ weather.
All our burgers are hand-made and our shops have come up with their own individual recipes, the following burgers can be found at the following shops.

Marylebone – Beef, marrow & parsley
Borough Market – Beef, marrow, lamb kosea
Hackney – Beef, salt, pepper, garlic & worcester sauce
Waterloo – Beef, bacon, brown sauce, spring onion, parsley & chives

The majority of our sausages will cook perfectly on a BBQ, feel free to ask your butcher when purchasing, they will be more than happy to advise. A couple we would recommend you try are our Hawksmoor Sausage, which is a pork, beef and lamb sausage and our limited edition Beef, Chilli sausage which we have just made especially for BBQ’s.

Rump steak is perfect for BBQ’s, however other steaks will cook fine.

Don’t forget to marinade your meat, rump steak or ribs marinated in the following are delicious:

4 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
100ml Soy sauce
8cm ginger peeled and diced
1 -2 red chillies chopped
Freshly groud black pepper