Roast turkey

Roast turkey

Depending on size of turkey... 

220˚C for 40 minutes

Reduce heat to 170˚C and cook for a further 3-5hrs

Rest for 30 mins


A quick how-to guide on cooking the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Don't be afraid!

Remember to get your Turkey Gravy going while your turkey cooks. Click here for the recipe.

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  1. Take your turkey out of the fridge 1-2 hours before it goes in the oven. This is important to ensure even cooking.
  2. Rub the skin with plenty of butter and pepper and cover the breast with lots of streaky bacon.
  3. Make a big tin foil cross inside your roasting pan, place the turkey in the middle and wrap the foil around to make a loose but closed parcel.
  4. Cook at 220˚C for 40 minutes. Reduce heat to 170˚C and cook for approximately a further 2 hours (mini turkey), 3 hours (small), 3 1/2 hours (medium), 4 1/2 hours (large) and 5 hours (x-large).
  5. Uncover for the last 30 minutes to crisp the bacon, or if you prefer remove the bacon to crisp the skin.
  6. Stick a long skewer in the fleshiest part to test for doneness; the juices should run clear.
  7. Rest the cooked bird for a good 30-40 minutes while you finish preparing your side dishes (and have some more wine).Use your giblet stock (and another glass of wine) to make a proper tasty gravy. Click here for the recipe. 


Turkey (choose your size)

  • Mini 4-5kg, feeds 4-6
  • Small 5-6kg, feeds 6-10
  • Medium 6-7kg, feeds 10-14
  • Large 7-8kg, feeds 14-18
  • X-Large 8+kg, feeds 18+

Salted butter
Streaky bacon