Our ultimate Turkey Sandwich

Our ultimate Turkey Sandwich

Takes 15-30 mins to assemble


A couple of great turkey sandwiches is enough reason to pick up a larger turkey than you actually need for Christmas dinner. When you can make yourself a midnight snack in the days after Christmas with a cheeky tipple or after a nose-bitingly cold Boxing Day walk you won't be sorry.


1. Start by cooking your streaky bacon if you don't have any cooked left over.

2. For one sandwich you will need two slices of bread, not too thick. We used a fresh white sourdough, but you can honestly use whatever you enjoy most or lightly toast some bread from the freezer. 

2. Butter both slices and spread some Ginger Pig Cranberry & Port sauce on both.

3. On one slice, place a handful of watercress if you like the peppery bite of it or otherwise some lamb's lettuce to balance the richness of the other ingredients. 

4. Add as many thin-ish slices or shredded bits of leftover turkey as you want and some leftover stuffing (optional).

5. Then pile on some sliced up leftover sprouts and chestnuts. This is worth adding even you don't have any leftover. Simply shred the sprouts, chop up some chestnuts and toss in a frying pan with some butter for 2-3 minutes.

6. Add 2-3 rashers of cooked streaky bacon to your growing sandwich mountain and wedge shut with the second slice of bread.




Think Christmas leftovers...


Decent loaf of bread

Good salted butter

Ginger Pig Cranberry & Port Sauce

Watercress or Lamb's Lettuce

Christmas turkey


Shredded sprouts

Crumbled chestnuts

Streaky bacon