Tim Makes Paris Vogue

Following on the back of the very successful ‘Experimental Cocktail Group’ the owners are expanding into a restaurant specialising in fantastic steaks which they are buying from The Ginger Pig. This ties in really well with our weekly trip to France during which we buy veal from Limousin and stunning French poultry.

The new restaurant is taking ribs of beef and maturing them in their own maturation fridges and famous french butcher Yves Marie Le Bourdonnec is preparing them for the table.

The Article
Effet bœuf

A l’ardoise de ce steakhouse glamour, tout de briques,cuir et tons auburn, des côtes de bœuf, des entrecôtes, des rumsteaks issus de trois races anglaises (galway, longhorn et shorthorn) élevées par Tim Wilson, le producteur star du Yorkshire. Ces morceaux choisis
sont ensuite rassis au minimum 35 jours, découpés sur place et grillés dans des fours à charbons de compétition. Ajoutez plus de 200 références de vins, une sélection pointue de bourbons et whiskies et vous obtenez le repaire carnivore le plus stylé de Paris.
The Beef Club, 58, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris.

The English Translation
The Beef Effect

On the menu-board of this smart steakhouse, decorated in bricks, leather and auburn tones, are ribs of beef, entrecotes and rumpsteaks from three English breeds (Galloway, Longhorn and Shorthorn) reared by Tim Wilson, Yorkshire’s star producer. These choice cuts are hung for a minimum of 35 days, prepared in front of customers and grilled in charcoal ovens. Add to this a choice of more than 200 wines, a well chosen selection of bourbons and whiskeys and you have the most stylish haunt for carnivores in Paris.
The Beef Club, 58, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris.