The woman behind the picture

Introducing Hayley and Maisie…

Hayley Freer with Maisie the cow.

You may have noticed that we were recently in a Guardian article outlining the growing numbers of young women going into farming. With the average age of a livestock farmer in the UK being 52, Ginger Pig is something of a breath of fresh air, employing young, passionate women to manage our Yorkshire farms.

Among the other Ginger Pig farmers mentioned in the article, the lovely Hayley Freer (28), who works up in Yorkshire with cows and sheep, was featured as the poster girl, alongside Maisie the Longhorn. We thought you might be interested to know a little more about her!

Five minutes with Hayley Freer…

What’s your favourite thing about farming?
“I love calving and lambing season on the farm. The best moment of the job is when we turn them out into the fields when they have grown strong, seeing them springing and jumping around is my favourite thing. It feels so great.”

How did you get into farming?
“I originally wanted to be a veterinary nurse and needed work experience with all kinds of animals, so went to Ginger Pig to help with things like night lambing. I loved it so much and Tim (Wilson) offered me a job to further my training. I quickly preferred being on the farm than in the vets surgery so I stayed!”

What’s your favourite time of year?
“Absolutely got to be spring, lambing time.”

What’s your favourite animal?
“It’s got to be cows, especially Maisie! She follows me around when I go into their pen and is a real character.”

You can read the whole Guardian article here: