Sausage Facts

  • Sausage making is an important part of nose to tail butchery; in getting the most from an animal and ensuring nothing valuable is wasted.
  • In the days before refrigeration, when the whole pig needed to be cooked or set to cure in a day or so, sausages would be quite strongly flavoured with plenty of herbs and seasoning, and either eaten that day or hung above the fire to dry so that they would keep a while.
  • As refrigeration became possible, sausages became fresher with just a little salt and flavouring, intended for eating within a couple of days.
  • All our sausages are handmade.
  • We use a blend of pork belly and shoulder to ensure a good fat content, which bastes the sausages from the inside as they cook.
  • With the exception of our Old Spot and Toulouse/Garlic Toulouse sausages, which are pure meat and intended for stewing, we use around 20% breadcrumbs in the mix. This helps to retain succulence as they cook – the ‘juice’ stays in the sausage rather than escaping into the pan.

Sausages you can buy in Ginger Pig shops...

Pork & Cracked Black Pepper
Pork & Leek
Garlic Toulouse
Smoked Toulouse
Pork, Apple & Cider
Classic Italian
Beef & Chilli

…and the list goes on…

Try making them yourself!

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