National Butchers’ Week – 7 for 7. Sunday


Name: Andy
Grange Farm Butchery, North Yorkshire
Butchery Manager
Years working for GP:
Eight years

Do you remember your first day?
Yes. Like Les, I worked in the Thornton Dale shop before Tim took it over. I started there when I was fourteen and I was thirty-two when the Ginger Pig bought it. It was a bit of a shock to the system, having worked for someone so long and then to suddenly switch.

Did you always want to be a butcher/what’s the best thing about it?
I kind of fell into it. I was fourteen and looking for a job. I found butchery and I really enjoyed it, and I guess I’ve never known anything else from so young. The best thing, I’d say, about my job, is making sure everything gets done and making sure that its done properly.

In your opinion, why is butcher best?
You get a service with your local butcher that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. They all have the knowledge, too.

What’s your favourite cut?
Beef, and then sirloin. I like the fat around it. It’s a proper bit of fat. I like it aged, too. Really hung sirloin for about twelve weeks. I’ll eat it when it’s basically walking out the door [Laughs].

What’s your go-to recipe?
Everything gets cooked for me. But I only really eat beef.

Favourite flavour sausage roll?
Sweet chilli and bacon.