National Butchers’ Week. 7 for 7. Friday


Name: Cosmin
Ginger Pig Moxon Street
Position: Shop Manager
Years working for GP:
5 and half years


Do you remember your first day?
Yes, I definitely do. It was a very exciting day and emotional. I never expected to become a butcher, so it was a surprise for me when I realised it was a really nice job and that I really enjoyed what I was doing.

What’s the best thing about being a butcher?
Lots of different things, the main one being that you get to meet and speak to lots of different people every day. And the other thing is that you get to know more about the animals, not something an everyday job would teach. There’s so many new things which you learn from being a butcher that you wouldn’t learn in an ordinary office job. But I think the most exciting thing is working with people, giving advice like how to cook and treat their meat. It makes you feel useful and slightly special.

What’s your favourite cut?
Oooh, I’ve got a couple but the first one is definitely the rib-eye steak. And the second would be rump of lamb or rack of lamb.

In your opinion, why is butcher best?
It’s an easy question – when you go to your local butcher you can get a range of produce and you can get your meat prepared exactly how you want it. You can get lots of advice and the other thing, which matters a lot these days, is knowing where your meat comes from. We give our customers a lot of information about the animals, how it’s been raised and stuff. You’d never get that in a supermarket.

What’s your go-to recipe?
Hm, I would say steak! It’s mainly steak I cook at home; easy, simple and good. You can never go wrong with a steak.

Favourite flavour sausage roll?
Sweet chilli and bacon!