Meat show stoppers for the Festive table

Clear your dining tables of clutter and give those napkin rings a buff – it’s time to place your Christmas order! Think whole glazed hams, classic festive birds, pigs in blankets and as many Christmas sausage rolls as you can eat – just remember to save one for Father Christmas.

Below is a selection of our favourite dinner table meat centre pieces for every size gathering – we’ve also created new products and increased our offering to meet your needs and requests. Just add wine, cheese and a brandy drenched Christmas pud to ensure a very merry Christmas.

ham side board_0028

To feed the masses:

Three Bird Roast – Channel your inner Tudor with these resplendent roasts, we offer two options: goose, chicken and pheasant with pork, prune and brandy stuffing OR turkey, duck and pheasant with pork and chestnut stuffing. These are made fresh, not frozen, and both options will come with a Salter meat thermometer to ensure the roasts are cooked perfectly.

Celebration Pies – Impress guests with a bespoke celebration meat pie show stopper – great with one of our homemade chutneys or alongside cheese. These are made by our head baker, Les, with a choice of traditional fillings such as smoked ham, chicken, venison, apricots and black pudding and decorated with pastry lettering, flowers, leaves and fresh and dried fruits. Pies are available to order in three sizes priced from £61 with the largest feeding up to 60 people. More about these can be found on our ‘Kitchen’ page under ‘Celebration Pies’.

Celebration pie close up

For smaller celebrations:

*NEW* 100 Day Chicken Ballotine – Breasts from a 100 day old Botterills’ chicken, taken off the bone, filled with pork sausage meat, sage and onion stuffing, rolled and covered in bacon lattice to make a roasting joint for three people. Easy carving, beautiful appearance and effortless cooking.


*NEW* Botterills’ Duck – New to 2015, these ducks are a traditional Pekin and Aylesbury cross, slow grown on the Belvoir Estate on a natural diet. With a wonderful gamey flavour, they are a great alternative to turkey or goose. An oven ready Botterill Duck will weigh around 3.2kg and feed four people.

For the traditionalists:

Botterills’ Goose - These strong white geese are slow-grown on a diet of grass and herbage from the fields and meadows surrounding Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. A rich and flavoursome bird, with plenty of fat for top-notch roasties.

Botterills’ Turkey – Broad-breasted Bronze turkeys are proper old fashioned birds; reared on a completely natural diet of home-grown wheat and vegetable protein, plus whatever grass and grubs they can peck at out on the estate. Far from being a bland bird, the Botterills’ turkeys have bags of flavour and decent fat covering which renders during cooking to make for a really succulent roast.

Hams & Gammon – Leg of pork, taken from the hindquarter of the animal, is a plentiful cut and quite economical to buy plus it makes cracking sandwiches and looks pretty impressive too. Our hams are steamed and then baked with a brown sugar and mustard glaze. Ham refers to the cooked article, if you want to cook the ham at home, then you need to order the raw joint, called the gammon.

*Gerald Botterill has been farming poultry for over 70 years on his farm on the Belvoir Estate. His son Richard now farms alongside his father, and together the pair rear the best tasting birds we’ve ever come across. Gerald is pictured below with what could be your turkey this Christmas.

Gerald holding turkey

Seasonal treats in store:

Christmas Sausage Roll – Our sausage rolls are legend, and now back by popular demand for the festive season is a limited edition pork, Stilton and cranberry sausage roll: lightly seasoned pork sausage meat, chunks of English Stilton and fresh cranberries wrapped in a blanket of all butter puff pastry. Available in all our shops from 16th November until the New Year, priced at £4 each.


Homemade Sweet Mince Pies – Traditional sweet treats made by Yorkshire ladies Sue and Sandra at Grange Farm will be available in all Ginger Pig shops from 16th November until the New Year.

 See our Christmas pages to find out more about what’s on offer, prices and how to place an order.