HOW TO… Pack your fridge at Christmas

It’s really important to store perishable goods properly so they last until Christmas Day, but finding room in the fridge with the booze, cranberries, sprouts and cheese can be a struggle. To make sure you’re meat is stored correctly, and to find room in the fridge to do that, follow our pointers below:

1. No matter how full your fridge, DON’T leave meat outside/in the garage or in a cool pantry.

It must be refrigerated. To store, take the bird or joint out of its box and packaging and put on a large plate in the fridge – air needs to circulate around it to stop moisture build up. (Keep a note of the weight of the bird printed on the box before throwing away, you’ll need this for calculating cooking times).

2. DO take out all things that aren’t necessary to refrigerate.

E.g.condiments, drinks and some fruit and veg such as potatoes, carrots, apples and citrus fruit. You can still keep drinks cool by putting them in a garage or on a balcony.

3. DON’T overfill the fridge!

This could cause your fridge to struggle to reach the required temperature and needs to be kept below 5°C.

4. DO freeze as much as possible to make space in the fridge.

We wouldn’t usually recommend this, but to save room you can freeze sausages and stuffing. We wouldn’t advise freezing cured meat like bacon, ham or gammon as freezing tends to make the meat taste salty when cooked.

5. Finally, DON’T struggle alone!

If you’ve got family coming for lunch then ask them to bring items with them so you don’t have to store them in your fridge too. By the time they arrive you’ll have the turkey/goose/duck or joint out of the fridge anyway so there’ll be plenty of space.