Hawksmoor’s Seven Year Steak Sandwich


Hawksmoor‘s Seven Year Steak Sandwich came about after Richard Sandiforth (one of Hawksmoor’s talented head chefs) made it his mission to create a steak sandwich that would be worthy of their menu. Hawksmoor have decided to dust off the recipe for Richards luxurious butty to celebrate Great British Beef Week; a grass fed, dry aged Ginger Pig rib-eye steak from native breed cattle, curd cheese (made by the fantastic Blackwoods Cheese Company in Brockley), watercress and plenty of fresh horseradish…


175g rib eye steak
20g anchovy hollandaise*
30g horseradish cream*
20g watercress
5g fresh Horseradish
2 slices fresh sourdough bread

To make

1. An hour before you cook, remove the steak from the fridge to allow to come to room temperature. Season with sea salt just before placing on a very hot griddle pan, flipping and turning regularly to build up char. One cooked to your liking, cover in foil and rest for 10 minutes before slicing into 1cm strips.

2. Place the slices of sourdough on the same griddle pan and toast for a couple of minutes each side. Watch out for burning!

3. Spread the anchovy hollandaise on one side of each piece of toast and then spread horseradish cream on one of the slices.

4. Stack the strips of rib eye onto the piece of toast with only the hollandaise on, then grate fresh horseradish on top. Follow with the watercress and place the other slice of toast on top.

*Horseradish cream (makes enough for two sandwiches)

Mix 50g cows curd cheese (Hawksmoor uses Graceburn, from the Blackwoods Cheese Company) and 10g of ready-made horseradish sauce to make the horseradish cream.

*Anchovy hollandaise (makes enough for four sandwiches)

25ml warm hollandaise
25g warm anchovy paste (blitz 1 clove garlic, 60g anchovies, pinch each of fresh basil and thyme, 1 tsp dijon mustard, then pass through seive)
25ml warm clarified butter
A good pinch of fresh thyme leaves

To make

Whisk the anchovy paste into the warm hollandaise then whisk in the warm clarified butter.