Brogdale juices have landed!

We already satiate London’s hunger, but now we’ve got the tools to quench your thirst and help wash down lunchtime sausage rolls and hot roast baps with something fruity!

And it’s not just any old drink…


We’re now stocking Heritage Collection fruit juice from Brogdale Farm in Kent, available in our Moxon St, Abbeville Rd, Askew Rd and Hackney shops in 750ml and 250ml bottles. These juices are not only refreshing and natural, they also have a unique story to tell (and a happy ending to boot). Brogdale Farm is the home of the National Fruit Collection which was founded by Henry VIII in the 1500s. Today it contains thousands of varieties of fruit trees, and aims to keep these rare and traditional varieties alive – essentially a living museum.

We can’t help but feel a bit of an affinity with this fruity lot, Tim has been instrumental in saving rare breed Longhorn cattle, so teaming up with Brogdale seems an obvious link. The ‘rare breeds’ of fruits in a bottle.It’s not just all apples and pears though, we actually source our gooseberries for making spiced gooseberry chutney from these guys, if you’ve not tried it yet it’s definitely worthy of a place on the cheese board.

The process from tree to shop is fairly complicated, but results in the tastiest and most flavourful juices. The fruit picked is first sorted, before being crushed on a belt press. The juiceless fibre is discarded, while the pith goes for animal feed. The juice is then stored, where ascorbic acid is added (without it, the juice would go brown like an apple you’d leave out on the side). The final stage is to add any other fruit juice that make the flavour combinations; Apple, Rhubarb and Apple, Pear and finally Apple and Blackcurrant. Then it’s all packaged up safely and delivered to our shops.

The result? Award winning juices from naturally sourced picked and pressed fruit, your thirst quenched, and that do-gooding feeling of saving a little bit of British heritage.