A meat roasting monster comes to Marylebone

We’re so excited about this one, seriously, even more excited than the time we made apple pie pork ribs. Introducing… *drum roll*… our new meaty contraption, a stunning French 1920s style Broche.

With three individually rotating spits and trays for vegetables under each, the Broche can cook pretty much any cut of meat for mouthwatering hot roasts at lunchtime, and the ultimate meat takeaways to enjoy at home for dinner. Not just a pretty face.

photo 5

Unlike a rotisserie where all the spits rotate together at the same speed in a circle, the Broche’s three spits rotate individually, and the temperature and speed of rotation is controlled separately for each, meaning precise and perfect cooking. The fattiest meat (like pork belly) is placed on the top spit so that during cooking the fat drips onto meat on the second spit, then both onto the third, basting while it cooks. The trays under each spit are filled with veggies such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips and shallots; they cook in the fat and juices from the meat, resulting in the most amazingly tasty roasted veggies and tatties – trust us, the best.


The good news is that the Broche will regularly be chocker block at lunchtime with suckling pig, whole chickens, legs of lamb, pork belly, glazed sausages, whole middle of pork, and beef topside to name a few. The even better news is that you can call and pre-order specific cuts for lunch or to pick up on your way home. So if you’re cooking for friends or family during the week but haven’t got time to slow roast something, we can cook it for you – hurrah! All you have to do is take it home, et voila, you’re a hero!

Yet again, our new meaty toy was the brainchild of Tim, who commissioned this bespoke hand-made beast of a machine (one of only two in the UK), after being inspired by the rural markets of France where big joints of meat such as stuffed and rolled porchettas, are cooked by rotisserie method then sold to hungry passers-by.

Meat from the Broche is available for lunch served in a box with Broche roasted tatties and vegetables, stuffing, salad and a selection of our homemade chutneys as usual. You can also buy a whole/half chicken on it’s own (for all you paleo’s out there), or with all the trimmings. If you want to pre-order anything then just call the shop direct on 020 7935 7788: lunch orders must be placed before 10am each morning, and dinner orders before 12pm.